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DOI 10.24411/2658-3569-2020-10046


Savchenko P.P., Orcid ID 0000-0001-5850-8307, J-2658-2015, head, professor of the International Research Center for Medicine and Substances «Intersuccess», Kiev, Ukraine, Sc.D., Ph.D., academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, academician of the International Academy of Fundamental Basis’s of Being, honorary Professor, University of Lviv Stavropigion,, u-spp@i.ua

Summary. The article presents a new perspective on the current global problem COVID-19 and the behavioral state of a person on the background of the problem in the light of new rules psychophysical interactions in the universe; new non-classical research methods. The new approach allows us to approach problems from an unusual point of view, and gives hope in the search for practical solutions.

Keywords: COVID 19, global problem, pandemic, human behavior.


Almost one year before the announcement in society of a global epidemic called “COVID-19,” which halted the established life of the whole society, a scientific article was published « Psychical symptoms are satellites of problem ideology» (1). This article was the final of a series of articles on the results of a study of human psychology.

When life conventionally adjusted, a person does not notice significant events around him, for good eclipses everything else. As they say: «Until the thunder strikes a man crosses himself».

For almost 6 years, from a scientific point of view, the employees of our center tried unto publicly reach out to society that increasing symbolic events persistently give a subtle signal to a person about the approach of a phenomenon, which has not yet happened in the history of society. These signals, in the depths of existing ideologies, have no direct answers.

Maybe in the bustle of everyday life, a person did not notice the meaning of these articles on psychology (2, 3, 4), but their name and sequence of publications, from a scientific point of view, fully corresponded to the formula for the emergence and development of any process – «Start → action → result».

When asked in an interview about the forecast for 2020, I replied that: «This is a Leap-year, which in itself is always unique and unpredictable, but it is 2020 that is the year when for the first time every person should receive his reward for past actions. Just as sometimes planets line up in the same line, exactly the same way different actions of people appear at the same time. If a person does not accept his reward and does not appreciate his past actions to change in the future, the negative situation will develop on an increasing basis». I gave this answer from the standpoint of Natural-knowledge.

My attempts to reach out to senior executives of society not heard: religious and political figures, top officials, members of the G8 and G20, Trump and Putin, Merkel and Macron, and all the others who influence on the state of society. Maybe then, it was still early, not time?

Perhaps when the thunder has already taken place today, someone will still hear my public address. In addition to the fact that this article is of a scientific nature, it is at the same time a repeated appeal to the Supreme Power of the Society, to those who wish to stop speculation and the struggle from which everyone dies.

PURPOSE of the article: This is not another new opinion in the struggle for leadership views. There is plenty of competition on this field without our participation. A man, everyone, needs to go all the way into his convictions and will be convinced of the future result, and this is his free right. Only after this can one-step onto other tracks and here we are ready to share practical experience. My appeal is an appeal to all supporters and opponents of different views in order to leave all personal ambitions and enter the consent field. Because everything is as one, we make the same mistakes, and everyone is waiting for a positive decision. There is no other way.

Before the epidemic, people lived and acted, as always. However, the problem with «COVID19» for the first time took humankind at unawares. And politics, and science, and religion, and everyone else, without any ideology exception, turned out to be powerless, because there was no solution, no one knew where to start, what to do, and what happened. The clinic saw the pathology with their own eyes, but wondered how it occurs. The further the problem covered the society, the more incomprehensible questions arose.

Even in the most difficult period of their existence, people have not yet been in a similar situation, because earlier a sense of collectivism helped to solve the problem. The modern epidemic entered unexpectedly when a person in society remained “on his own” with his problems, in solitary isolation, when there was an ongoing struggle in each of person with no solutions in many areas of life.

It’s not theoretical how to establish remoteness in the center, but practical experience of research in psychology and virology that allows me to go on the way to practical solutions in eliminating the global problem “COVID-19”, as well as others, what obliges me to publish this article and provide some details.

The choice is each person: to continue to follow and act according to their beliefs and ambitions with the result «as always», or to stop and rethink the results and take new agreed actions. The situation is such that it’s too late to bill someone. It is necessary to think not “what to do?”, But “how to do”? «How to do» if there is no fundamental basis for this?

Below will briefly presented research materials and conclusions.

Key word-phrase:

«# Psychophysical rules of originations, being and transformation of phenomenons, «COVID-19», and viruses»

Material and methods:

  • A new personal dynamic research method P. Savchenko’s is applied in scientific work (5, 6, 7). This allowed: to eliminate many contradictions that are inherent in the standard static method; open means and methods of recording events which usually remain outside the surveillance zone.
  • A comparative analytical assessment for public materials about the global problem “COVID-19” and for the human behavioral state is applied.
  • A comprehensive analysis of materials carried out, which presents a preliminary description of the etiology and pathology of the disease, the condition of patients and various therapeutic effects in the complete absence of direct treatment protocols «COVID-19».
  • The study analyzes the new “viral” element “COVID-19” in comparison with the discoveries disclosed in a personal study on the nature of viruses and AIDS in the 90s (8, 9).
  • The discussion on the results of scientific work takes place exclusively consensual empirical evidence, and decision formulas at this stage discussed among specialists.

Research results:

A person’s fear, as a psychological element, of the present state and of tomorrow is something this is what interferes with the therapeutic effectiveness of chemical antidepressants, where restrictions on their use and combination with other medicines play a significant role (1).

Already many experts come unto the conclusion that the direct effect of drugs on the human body is clearly not enough to eliminate psychological changes. This led to the search in addition to drugs for the therapeutic effect of other methods of exposure for psychological deviations. Thus, cognitive therapy of depression gains particular attention. In real terms, «cognitive therapy of depression» is the «Therapy of the depressed state through awareness» of the patient.

Practice convincingly shows that only a change in a person’s personal conviction is a real way to stabilize a person’s psychological state.

More and more often both outside of science and in the bowels of science, the opinion of «some mind beginning» is being. Today there are already enough science-based facts that convince of some kind of unobservable connection of the psychophysical direction, and it is it that does not yet have a sufficient scientific-practical direct substantiated understanding.

The man was convinced that he could control the volitional impact of the mind on the prosthesis. There is a certain and unobservable connection between the action of the mind and the movement of prostheses. These are scientific facts. And here a new sequence «mind → mechanism« arises. But so far there is no direct scientific evidence for this connection. Society in the near future is on the verge of practical discoveries in this area. In the meantime, there is still a long way to go, but life requires solutions today.

Before a person, and especially before medicine, there are no answers yet to many questions. Each doctor, each specialist in his own specialization searches blindly. And here, as always, contrary every action that does not yet have proper evidence, an opposite opinion and blame for errors instantly and simultaneously arise. Everyone, in his own way, may be right, but everyone can not provide the necessary evidence. Theoretical evidence for real facts besides an abstract notion has no real meaning.

More than ever, in the COVID-19 epidemic, different approaches, incompatible in etiology, yielded both positive and negative results. This puts various specialists in a stupor; it violates the usual logical chains of problem analysis and in the search for solutions. On the other hand, this phenomenon sows even more disagreement among experts in the search for solutions.

We have amazing situations where everything explained solely by certain assumptions that have no evidence. And at the same time, everyone understands whether the hypothesis corresponds to the real process or not, only time will tell. No answers yet. Today, no matter what the specialist, this the new hypothesis, and this is in a situation where the basic facts characterizing the etiopathogenesis of «COVID 19» are unknown. In addition, everyone who has no practical experience rushed to solve the problem. A holy place is never empty. This allowed by the specialists themselves with their inability to answer many questions. A person with no experience will give the same opinion.

So, the reality is that the problem of «COVID-19» came to life when there are no properly equipped places for treatment in the society, no treatment methods, no preventive measures, or understanding of pathology in general. Neither politics nor economics are ready for this situation.

What it is? — this is the main question that a person faced in the new image of «COVID-19». As the epidemiological picture shows, in this disease, all the main pathologies that belong to different diseases found, and the result is one. In front of a person is a deck of dominoes, where each «dices» has a place in the problem and the «dices» are clearly different from each other, but the source is hidden outside the limits of known theories. This picture already violates the usual gradation of diseases, the medical paradigm. While the pain looms, a person will never reveal the truth that gives rise to this pain. And if you remove the pain, then the secret problem will generally disappear from the field of view of a person.

Experts, specialists, ideologists are divided into different groups, where they declare incompatible opinions, both “for” and “against” — “COVID-19”. There are heavy and terrible accusations of each other. In what?

Today, no one has sufficient grounds and knowledge to accuse each other of all sins, as well as to protect personal positions. Today argue those who do not have personal practical experience in this situation. If among the admitted specialists to the problem there was practical experience, then these specialists saddled the global horse from the very beginning.

Today, many people know about the problem only by hearsay, not possessing the necessary details, and here they shout the loudest. But, alas. Today, more than ever, a general principle has emerged — «to divert guilt from ourselves in any way, especially when the situation is generally incomprehensible».

«The COVID-19 crisis has illustrated that even the most sophisticated health systems have struggled to cope with a pandemic. WHO has grave concerns about the potential impact the virus could have as it starts to accelerate in countries with weaker health systems» (10).

Unfortunately, we are not paying attention to those who are destined to be responsible for the situation, who can recognize the true state of affairs and tell about it, to which full information is available. It should be noted that there is an established trend in society, especially today, when various kinds of critics manipulate the information that experts and managers give them.

Everyone who is not lazy, having received information, begins to blaspheme the «culprits.» It’s time to think it over, because if the information had not come out of the bowels of specializations, then no one would ever have known about it. The recognition of errors has always been «a stumbling block» and selfdestruction of man. The manipulation of recognition is speculation.

Yes, today the specialist does not know the solution! But does one of the critics know him???

There has been a persistent prejudice in society: «the culprit in the rank of official or specialist is determined long before the situation is clarified.» But, each person stands for his rights and freedoms, with the exception of unproven guilt. Then why, in relation to others, does a person allow himself to do exactly the opposite?
I do not call to justify the perpetrators if there are sufficient and proven grounds. But I urge one, do not blame those whom we ourselves have made hostages of the situation. Forgive me, those who did not do this.

Personal practical experience allows us to say that no one will be able to free someone from the future award, which will overtake only the one who once generated a specific action. How not to run away, the reward will always catch up with its creator. Today, most publications are abstract material against the real «COVID-19» picture; it is only an increase in personal publicity on human issues. Behind a huge mass of such publications, and in most of them distorted, are hiding real solutions. Today it is no longer a secret that such situations have always accompanied a person.

You can name many publications of a distorted nature. So, you can hear the accusations against B. Gates about his involvement in the creation of today’s problem. They just shout about it in different media. All who crave the extreme in this situation will take these accusations with a bang. Any leader bears a similar fate, because behind those are standing, who want this the same.

And much simpler, hammer in the Google search engine «about the specific culprit of events», as the mass of «sources» will immediately appear. And none of them, and from the other side, will take an extra step to view the direct performance of Bill Gates, because faith to the pet is unlimited (11). And many are simply afraid to hear the truth, for instantly disappointment will come in fake beliefs. If a person really wants to understand the true situation, then he must follow the original information, and not heed his beliefs imposed by others. If I do not know the meaning of the original, then personal criticism is always a priori out of place.

Literally, at the end of this article, high-ranking friends handed me a video. In which accused Anatoly Chubais of deliberate actions to reduce the population of the Earth, where fragments of his speech presented. Verily, everyone hears exclusively within the framework of those beliefs that been put into man, and truth flies by. Such information distributed under critical conditions at lightning speed.

Why suddenly give this example? And because many in the society are convinced that the problem of «COVID-19» was created artificially and aimed at reducing the population. And under the distribution, they remember everyone who somewhere voiced the numbers of the population. It’s easier to take the information of your mentors and supporters on faith than to bother to explore the original.

Everyone can get acquainted today with a direct speech by A. Chubais (12). Only after viewing the original with a sense of meaning, many accusations turn into a «fake» and fall apart. Today, such «fakes» have become the principle of life. In my personal opinion, this is a much bigger problem than COVID-19. And when fake publicists, God forbid, find themselves in a hospital bed with a severe pathology, then all the powerful arrogance from them instantly flies. Does freedom of speech allow fakes?

What exists in society cannot taken away. Everyone has the right to his or her own opinion, even if it is the opposite. But today, when solutions are needed to overcome the global problem, many arguments should give way to specialists. We need to listen to those who are at the forefront, both in the clinic and in managing the situation, at the forefront of research. At the forefront – this is a real battle line.

Having personal practical decisions and the experience of a head, many times he put himself in the place of those who make unpleasant decisions that are special for themselves. You know, I always came to the same answer that I would have done the same, possessing a sufficient degree of the problem. But in this situation, everything is much more complicated.

As a professional athlete in past years, I know from personal practical experience that it is easier for the viewer to evaluate the action of an athlete from the outside. But I assure you that when the viewer is in the place of the athlete, where you need to answer yourself, his arrogance of an expert disappears quickly.

Today the press has become the virtuosos of their craft. An ordinary person does not need to read the essence of the material, and there is so much material that it cannot be read in a lifetime. Today, a new psychology has emerged an element of the formation of knowledge solely by the names of articles. Added the names and «oil painting of the universe». And why should complicate your life and study the details if they are voiced by a leader or favorite?

Especially when the information coincides with your own conviction. I would like to see a builder who would build a real structure only from the names of building elements. And a person manipulates information on one-twice. Unfortunately, everyone forgot that «full knowledge» is the fundamental bread for all actions, especially for practical ones. Today, an amazing situation – there is no daily bread, no practical solutions. Is virtual bread sweet?

Here is a picture that really develops solely by the names of publications. «Coronavirus is a hoax. Coronavirus does not exist. Coronavirus is not very harmful; mortality can be overestimated (13). One out of every three with COVID-19 has no symptoms. (14). Virology replaced by mathematics (15). … …». Thousands of such publications can cited, and a person in this situation considers himself «knowledgeable». But where are the solutions then?

But the essence of all publications is one and the same – «the title reveals one meaning, and after a deep study of the materials that became the basis and are displayed in the publication, a completely different reality opens up». The emerging epidemic hits so stealthily that the culprit is not at all visible behind the theoretical calculations and direct non-observability.

What is the real goal facing man? Or find a solution? Or voice a new baseless assumption? So far the second is winning, for personal publicity is above all, even if it tears society into small components; and also able to protect inability.

Many different methods been tested blindly, which show a certain primary effect, but in the future they turn out to be powerless in general application. After encouraging publication is immediately followed publications of rebuttal by treatment protocol.

Unfortunately, history shows that so many premature conclusions follow, after testing the primary cycle. And earlier this happened the same way when the situation did not drive a person into his actions. In the future, it was difficult to find the use of many drugs in practice.

Only by evaluating the real facts, and giving direct estimates, and not theoretical arguments, can we build a real picture. In a state of emotions, it is never impossible to find a solution, and a person knows about it, but acts exactly the opposite. Here, especially in emotions, those real elements that can lead to a practical solution disappear from view.

It may seem strange that many managers speak out about the epidemic instead of specialists. Critics – right here. I am practically convinced that, the basis of the performance for the leaders given from top-level specialists. Without knowing this, can draw any abstract conclusion or speculate in a situation.

The situation with «COVID-19» for professional reasons makes me constantly monitor the information that relates to the problem. Nobody before, neither politicians nor scientists have openly raised the question
which V.V. Putin raise, to Head of Department, N.I. Pirogov, Professor A. Chuchalin after the scientist presented his opinion on the situation by «COVID-19» (16).

«Alexander G., does a blood test show the presence of viruses?» – asked V. Putin. One of the leading experts in classical virology A. Chuchalin, answered: «No, the virus does not show. This is for antibodies, immunoglobulin G». You can evaluate this situation as you like and as much as you want without knowing the fundamental principles. But for me it was a signal that society began to wake up and leave the state of «blind action». The answer presents the true fact that no one reveals the virus itself, but only antibodies, which, on the assumption that does not have sufficient reasons, are attributed directly to the virus. This answer reveals the path to the secret of the disease.

Antibodies, which produced to a particular pathology that takes place, can tied to anything. And a person is always looking for a magic wand – as soon as possible to blame someone for the problem, even personal guilt.

A person is so used everywhere to use the term «virus», which everyone knows, that he does not even think about the fact that the «nature of the virus» is still a mystery to science. No tricks and new theories yet allow us to understand the origin of the virus. Therefore, in society, as among scientists, there are other opinions, even that «the virus does not exist». And so, does the virus exist, or doesn’t it? On this issue, experts still need to develop a consensus.

Personal practical experience, which had no exceptions and contradictions, suggests that the «virus» really exists, and this is an amazing natural form. And only the uncertain and unknown nature of the virus in conventional theories introduces a lot of controversy. This is the essence of the theory about the virus.

There may be many objections, but all of them are meaningless today, because after the well-known scientist biophysicist, who is referred to as «a specialist from God», Sabina Hossenfelder, publicly from a scientific point of view, presented evidence that «We produce a huge amount of new theories and yet none of them is ever empirically confirmed. … How can we blame the public for being misinformed because they live in social bubbles if we’re guilty of it too?» (17).

It is too late to object to this statement, and no one dares to go against the publication in one of the main scientific journals, Nature. And I especially want to note that theories do not have direct evidence, and there are plenty of indirect and conditional indirect theoretical nature. It is the lack of direct evidence – this is the absence of empirical evidence, which does not allow practical solutions.

A person faces a choice: either get a practical solution, or continue to live in theories that have lost their physical essence. But so far, only devotion to theories allows you to get a pass to the system, at least that was before the «COVID-19» problem.

Knowledge about viruses is only theoretical knowledge in which hypotheses remain unconfirmed. Man been taught to believe in theory, to believe that only theories are an exceptional element for correct action. Unfortunately, all forgot the ancient wisdom – «As you name, you will go». It would be useless to assign any names later to a phenomenon, which cannot change the phenomenon itself, but it can more than hide its essence under a veil of secrecy.

For some reason, a person forgot that the original meaning of the term «theory» is a description about a non-objective reality. Man has long known that theory directs him in a different direction from the goal, but continues to pretend that he does not notice it. Man expects an event where it does not exist.

Having directed himself into the mainstream of theories, man found himself into the space of an artificially created illusory representation about the Universe, about elements. This is everyone’s free choice. It’s just pointless to wish practical solutions in theoretical space. Because when you descend to earth, then reality is often not as sweet as it theoretically imagined. Moreover, those who are beyond the bounds of theoretical fabrications considered to dissidents. Man forgot that in reality logic is inherent in both theorists and practitioners.

All information from the outside, which argued by a person, according to his conviction, unambiguously comes from science and from specialists. Whether we like this inferior information or not, this completely does not affect real events, but only distracts from them.

If WHO is elected as the body that determines the situation on basis of many facts, then let’s trust this data. But this data is not intended for manipulation by everyone, as is done today, but for analysis by specialists. There are problems in every area, but people are silent about them. But they turns on with might and main when there is someone to beat.

Whoever said what, but the situation today looks like this: « While there are a number of therapeutics currently in clinical trials in China and more than 20 vaccines in development for COVID-19, there are currently no licensed vaccines or therapeutics for COVID-19» (18). There is none today, despite the fact that many countries are working in this direction. On the contrary, new drugs quickly find a refutation.

« For COVID-19, data to date suggest that 80% of infections are mild or asymptomatic, 15% are severe infection, requiring oxygen and 5% are critical infections, requiring ventilation» (18).

Today can hear that the epidemic erroneously declared. In science today, there are many inherently distorted concepts. The same thing happened with this term. Based on the original essence of this term, it was possible to establish the meaning of this term. I present for the first time the author’s version – «The epidemic is an indefinite super-being that inflicts bodily and psychological injuries, often incompatible with life». I am convinced that the experts intuitively correctly declared the epidemic, because the new pathology fully meets this definition.

There is a problem, and it is real. The true disease picture to everyone not known. And as a rule, it is known only by the results of a histological analysis by a pathologist. Today, in a hurry and bustle, there are not always enough conditions for a full analysis.

A person always quickly gets used to both good and bad, and both conditions become commonplace for him. The question of the terrible «COVID-19» is no longer worried about a person, because reality makes them survive even in the most difficult times. War and peace have always been around. This feature of humanity to get used to has arisen from the moment when the human consciousness turned upside down.

In a short time, man quickly turned his guilt away from himself, and today you can hear that «COVID19» is of extraterrestrial origin, that this Nature punishes a person for his unreasonable activity. Many are convinced that if a person does not change his mind, then Nature will not stop and will punish a person thoroughly, that this is not the last problem.

Literally from May 01, 2020, a breakthrough speech in the Austrian parliament by politician Herbert Kickl (19). Yesterday, this considered cool. But today, politicians of this level should take the path of agreement, for they take upon themselves the burden of managing a society where the opposite is natural. People really tired from non-acquaintance. And his opinion is worthy of respect, but one one-sided, which means a tearing public opinion.

Practical analysis shows that not only those who voiced such thoughts are tired. ALL tired – from a person to a leader, the whole society is tired. No matter how painful, how hard it is, how unpleasant what, reading something against your belief, you need to evaluate everything that exists, because only here lies the answer. Today, in the hasty conclusions of everyone who seeks to a publicly voice their opinions, there is indeed truth, but there is also delusion, there is also “ignorance” of specific determining things. But all publications are built on sensory elements, which immediately makes any conclusion erroneous and theoretical.

Don’t everyone want a practical solution?

Human psychology is such that a more complex problem makes worthless the problem that yesterday seemed to the man most destructive, which yesterday did not give a head to raise. Can raise examples of past years.

But, literally this year, the UN Secretary General António Guterres announced the complete failure of human activity and technological progress. He warned of the «alarming possibilities» of artificial intelligence (20). Kristalina Georgieva, IMF Managing Director, warned that all the signs of a global financial crisis are approaching, which in essence resemble the depression of the last century (21). And here is more «COVID19» loaded in full, overshadowing all previous unsolvable problems.

There is no doubt that the problem of «COVID-19» will weaken, and we will get used to it like oncology, or diabetes. Everyone understands that it will be necessary to start up everything that has stopped. One should not console oneself with hopes, for the problems that stood on the threshold of COVID-19, which mentioned above, will come up again. The tasks are much more complicated than it seems at first glance, and they will need addressed. On the other hand, this epidemic gave a person the opportunity to take a break from the imminent problems, which earlier knocked on.

A person is so keen on finding life decisions that he overlooks a lot. Different sensations more and more attracted to a person than the statements of high-level specialists, and this applies to all specializations. If you consciously accept the opinion of high-level specialists, then all possibilities for their criticism disappear. The theoretical basis is the same for everyone.

It is impossible to disregard the opinion of the psychotherapist V.L. A moment, who said that «It’s not strange, but my patients with mental disorders say that today it’s not the microbe that scares, but what is happening to them and around» (22).

«Clinicians are realizing that the new coronavirus doesn’t just ravage the lungs and hurt the heart, it also can affect the nervous system and brain in a significant proportion of cases» (23).

Based on the results of a study by our center, we can affirmatively say that in every work of specialists that published, there is a key to solving the problem. Before each specialist, society should take off his hat and express gratitude for their work in incredibly difficult conditions, even if they make a mistake. But this key is completely closed by a huge array of theoretical paradigm, a mass of various publications. As already noted, the theory a priori does not allow obtaining a practical result.

Society and every person became a hostage to theoretical knowledge, but everyone wants to live in real conditions. Unfortunately, society is more and more immersed in virtual space, because it allows a computer that frees a person from practical actions. More and more often people don’t want to return to reality.

The problem of «COVID-19» destroyed all the paradigms of society, in the form in which they reached the person and with which the person lived. This is science, and religion, and politics, and economics, and all other ideologies that people took as a basis. That’s just in any way, having accumulated knowledge, a person cannot get evidence that this monster «COVID-19» is to blame. You can say «I want to eat» a thousand times, but you won’t be full of it, because you still need to create what you need to eat.

The problem of «COVID-19» has convincingly shown that, diverting attention to the «virus», a person misses the real culprit of the pathology. In fact, many well-known diseases suddenly entwined around a single virus. This completely violates the paradigm about the division of the disease according to etiological factors.

It is appropriate to give an example from personal research on the nature of viruses (8). Today researchers have moved away from real experiments, for a person quickly got used to instruments and analyzers, to the use of computer programs.

An amazing fact been established in the history of virology. Studying the «viral particle» – HTLV (hematology) and HIV (AIDS), the researchers found that they are absolutely identical structures. The research ended there, because a clear contradiction of the generally accepted theory appeared on «the face», which was divided into two different areas. When a real fact contradicts a paradigm, then it is usually easier to forget, or to pretend that you have not heard. It was a key that ignored.

Is it possible that two coins with the same «denomination-10» will be called differently by different people and have different origins? Of course not. This is the reality. But in science it turns out that a person can attribute the same denomination to different categories. While a person is keen on habitual activities, he will not hear anything else. So we are psychologically.

The COVID-19 problem has shown that all the methods and practices that existed before the problem began require a significant rethinking and new approaches that are still unknown. As it will not be strange, but the methods of finding solutions to which people are so accustomed have also shown their failure.

Since ancient times, and this has become a common psychological habit, the first thing when a danger arises, a person instantly takes the blame away from himself and dumps it on others. This is already happening automatically. But how to solve the problem if the culprit is impossible to determine really?

The problem of «COVID-19» has shown that almost everything needs started from the very beginning, and «first of all» with consensual and complete knowledge that without further consent no further step is possible. Something needs substantially changed in order to take the opposite side, in relation to which a person permeated through and by a feeling of irreversible hostility.

The «COVID-19» problem convincingly showed and proved that the blind search method never yielded results, and did not give today. For a full-fledged search, practical knowledge needed, not disparate theoretical knowledge that cannot be a priori glued together.

The problem of «COVID-19» showed that mere knowledge of what the future should represent itself is clearly not enough. Similar knowledge in different colors today can offered by all existing ideologies (religion, science, esotericism and others, especially today everything in them mixed up). But not a single ideology allows us to answer the question – «And how to realize the desired? How to find a practical solution?».

When a person sent to a certain state, where it seems to him the solution to all troubles, and at the same time, they say to a person that this condition does not yet have an explanation, because it is not accessible
to a person, then this is a road to nowhere. You can remove the pain, but you need to remember to fix the action that gives us this pain.

I do not want the reader to have the opinion that I am trying to turn everyone away from personal conviction. On the contrary, I urge everyone to go all the way of their beliefs and at the same time get direct practical experience and awareness of the element in question. Without practical experience on the preliminary path, nothing will work on the other path. A person will toll from side to side. It’s no secret that «COVID-19» destroyed many of the beliefs that people believed in.

The «COVID-19» problem is forcing us to return to previous unfinished research. More than once he publicly claimed that until the secret of cancer, diabetes, tuberculosis, AIDS and many other problems was revealed, the secret of new pathologies would be inaccessible. In addition, diseases of a new and unknown ideology may arise. A person does not want to believe, but wants to see for himself. This is normal. But is not enough lesson today?

The problem of «COVID-19» showed a person that when a person’s activity was stopped and he was closed within his home boundaries, the surrounding reality quickly began to restore its harmonious state. If the objects of the surrounding world are enough to restore a short time, literally a quarter, then a person needs at least more than a year. Probably, it is no longer necessary to prove that by changing yourself, you change the surrounding reality

The problem of «COVID-19» affects human intuition. What is ahead? The man probably thought for the first time that the circumstances around destroy the most powerful person with his unlimited consciousness. Intuition completely closed by theories.

Until a person finds fundamental answers on the nature of viruses, all conversations will be only speculative and abstract. The situation is reminiscent of a multi-day race of athletes over a long distance, where it counts «cross the finish line». Everyone has different opportunities and abilities, and at the same time, after all, everyone has practically the same knowledge. And everyone was taught to be the first in any way.

But reality is a stubborn thing. Athletes eventually stretched out over the entire distance – one has already crossed the finish line, while the others remain for 2, 3, 4 days. And surprisingly, theoretical knowledge did not help, although theoretically everyone could come to the finish line equally and on an equal footing. Each received his own result, which corresponds to his practical experience. The life of society is like this race of athletes. And in front of the one who always walks behind, they manage to make a bandwagon.

Until a person understands the hidden meaning of such a race, it will be difficult to ensure a consensual state of society.

The short results of the study, which presented above, allow us to come to unambiguous practical conclusions.


  1. Disparate ideologies, including science, did not allow a person to avoid a stupor in the problem of «COVID-19». This forces a person to return to harmonious knowledge, to natural-knowledge, to philosophy, which a priori is inherently «consensual wisdom».
  2. Only full and consensual knowledge allows you to get a full practical result. The result that is customary for a person, which follows the realization of personal emotional desire, called «as always, the same problem». So, full knowledge has yet to be formed. 3. The culprit of today’s global problem, just as in past problems, is only and only human. Any action taken by a person leads to an inevitable result, which, in the form of his own reward, catches up with him at an inappropriate and unexpected hour. 4. In order to separate the grain from the chaff in the «COVID-19» problem, a person must first recognize the nature of the virus. 5. No adversity, catastrophe and cataclysm can stop the life of a person and society. The problem is that the cyclic paradigm, which has become the basic rule of society, has convincingly and repeatedly shown that society can change quantitatively from two people and then develop again to a certain maximum number. This variability depends solely on human affairs. I wish person finally interrupt this cycle. 6. The magnitude of the already committed actions by a man is enormous and destructive both for himself and for the surrounding space. It is pointless to hope that everything seems to be complacent and the «COVID-19» problem will end. If today, there is a «lung explosion of a person», then tomorrow «brains may already explode», if a person does not realize what is happening to him and does not understand where the beginning of the events that led to the present. In the meantime, the various sources that a person possesses describe this situation differently, attributing everything to an external culprit. 7. By theoretical addiction, we tied everyone in society to a vicious circle through the «Gordian knot». This node sometimes completely cuts only critical reality. The time has come when everyone can consciously untie their «Gordian knot» and transform society into a consensual structure. 8. For the first time in the history of science for order to achieve agreement in society, a new approach in the reassessment of knowledge propose: «Instead of analyzing and criticizing a particular person-performer actions, which created a scientific solution in the framework of the laws of the system; analyze and criticize the scientific conclusion about its conformity of the intention, that real direction and the state in which the finite element found itself». Everyone has the right to choose what to do and in which direction to move. It is another matter what the result of action in this chosen direction will be. Man bakes tasteless bread of his own free will. If no one buys bread from him, then the person will stop his oven.

Suggestions and wishes:

The conclusions, suggestions and wishes that presented in this article are not a guide to action, because each person lives his own conviction. I wish to everyone personally go the chosen path fully and consciously, like athletes in a long race. Everyone is free to go private own way. Like every person, realizing their rights and freedoms, I share my personal experience gained in search of problematic solutions. For me, there is only one principle – to be the last among equals. I never worried that the decision not presented by me, but by someone else. On the contrary, I was happy when others gave the decision, because there was free time for other actions.

Personal practical experience allows you to exchange the following criteria:

1. Agreement can only be achieved by changing the basic paradigm of the development of society, «The Law of Unity and the Struggle of Opposites» and «Denial of Denial», to the Rules «Unity and Consent of Opposites» and «Denial of Death is Like». You can have a different attitude towards this proposal, but I personally have not been able to get a practical solution in another way.

2. As a first step, I urge everyone to agree, because it is impossible to find a single practical solution, or to correct a past action if you do not admit your mistakes. Fear of mistakes is an inevitable
struggle. Practical experience, which has already been sufficiently tested, allows you to take such a step. And it’s a sin to proclaim Love as the main action of man, and at the same time remain in the struggle.

3. A practical solution cannot be found either within the framework of theories or within the sources of knowledge that a person has formed through the word. This confirmed by human history. Words and other sacred elements completely hide direct phenomena, for these are only codes. In order to understand the hidden meaning of teachings, it is necessary to decipher the codes by which human knowledge formed. In the meantime, a person uses sources in the direct meaning of the word, which embedded in his belief.

4. A practical solution can formed directly from the Book of Phenomena. These are direct Creations of the Universe. No one ever hid the image of creation from man. There are no codes. This person encoded all the phenomena in order to share with others like himself. But the authors of the encoding are long gone. This man, having chosen the theoretical path of knowledge, having decided that his opinion is higher than the true creation, has turned a lot into unobservable for himself. But there is one thing, but. First, you need to learn how to read the Book of Phenomena. Without knowledge of the Rules of originations, being and transformation of phenomena, reading this Book properly is impossible. Only after realizing, the first four components that indicated above, you can begin to solve today’s problem.

5. It is easy to imagine the usual formula for a solution that presented as exceptional. But a practical solution will be only when each word of the formula, each sign of the formula, will have a clear, complete and direct definition and justification. The practicality of the formulas disappears beyond the vague and unknown terms. The theory allows you to use unknown things, but the reality simply does not notice them.

6. Not the «COVID-19» virus, but a «specific agent» that significantly disrupts the immune system, opening up access to chronic pathology and any infections, causes global pathology. As of May 2020, our center has identified some etiological criteria that allow us to talk about some positive hope. Next – this is a conversation among specialists.

7. An amazing feature of the «COVID-19» epidemic is that it is an «absolutely human» pathology and the animals do not get sick. In this connection, here is the difficulty of modeling animal pathology.

8. Today there is still the opportunity to prevent new consequences, which mentioned above. With the hope that those who should solve the problem will hear me. If necessary, ready for personal participation in solving the problem.


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